Through the Eyes of a Child…

Looking through another's eyes

Sometimes we are the last to realize what we have been doing; but looking at ourselves through the eyes of our inner child can sometimes open our head, our hearts, and our souls to what is really going on with us.  For my total life I have been suppressing who I am.  Yes, that is a whopper of something to drop at my feet on a Sunday night.  However, the last four or five days have been gut wrenching in oh so many different ways and emotions,  Let’s just say:

  • I received great news about a new opportunity that could last for years
  • But, that news required an intensive training program and testing before it became mine
  • So, I already completed the training and passed the tests
  • I was reunited on a holiday for the first time in four years with my siblings
  • The food at their restaurant of choice was almost inedible
  • They loved the food
  • My car was due for routine maintenance and I was there for a discounted appointment
  • They broke the news that there might be a major problem
  • I worked for 8 hours but spoke to no one about it
  • I reread The Practice to take me back into my core; and it worked
  • Had a wonderful belated birthday celebration at a restaurant I have wanted to go to for years with my son and his family
  • Lost my brand new iPhone 7
  • Retrieved my iPhone 7
  • Reacted in my emergency stressed mode and went grocery shopping at 8 PM at night followed by a trip to Target for Lego toys for grandsons!
  • Collapsed into sleep to be awakened by a problem with my one eye which kept me up for hours!
  • Got back into a routine on Sunday to catch up with everything that had been left undone by all of the above.

It hit me about an hour ago that I am stressfully exhausted, so at 8:30, without watching my favorite show “Madame Secretary”, it hit me…I have to take care of me, so I am showering and going to sleep…It is a first step to sanity, I guess!  At least my inner child is happy that it gets much needed rest!


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