Being Who I Am…

Born to Be

I cannot escape who I was born to be.  It seems like I have been fighting to be me all of my life.  It has been a very long day working on the training for my new role…and I am tired.  It is true, and I know it, that my Magic is more than it seems.  I am on the precipice of a dream that I had worked for years to accomplish.  It is discouraging to talk to clients who cannot seem to get their act together, it is discouraging to talk to family members who cannot comprehend “what I do”, and others who just do not seem to be traveling on a path that in any way resembles my path…

But it is because I am driven by my passion and mission that I keep on…I know what my Magic can be, and I refuse to be less than that…

So, in Thanksgiving, I realize how special my mission is and the talents I have been given to fulfill that mission…the Magic is alive, and the gratitude of tomorrow’s special day will carry me further toward accomplishing all that is mine to be.

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