Not Wanting to Go Through the Motions, I am Really a Wild Soul!

Tree House Living

It would have to be a big tree house, but listening to God talking through the wind, watching the Sun close up, and disconnecting from the world is the only way to be in connection with the “Earth”.  And I want that.

The ultimate goal of moving to Oberlin is to build a home/business residence where life and the Earth and me come together.  I picture it in a wide open field with trees and flowers available.  Where the wind can blow through you hair, where the rain can shower you with life, and where folks can gather for any one of many different reasons is what I am building toward.

After a life in government, politics, finance and more, I do not want to be part of the maddening crowd.  I want to have the availability of intelligent conversation, healthy food, and cultural activities within walking distance.  Yes, the Utopia exists, and it is not Utopia.  It is more reality than most places with tones of intellectual snobbery, racist divisions, division between town and gown, but it is a place where peace is also sought, and individual priorities are respected.  Yes, I want to be in the wild; and, if that makes me a wild woman, it is not accurate.  I want to be the woman with the wild peaceful soul, not afraid to do what needs to be done for me and for others.


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