Energy From the Source, and the Energy is What I Am!

Floods of...

The Big Bang billions of years ago is from where I come.  I have arrived in the FLOW of life when it was my time, but before me came the cosmos, came the flora and the fauna, came the dinosaurs, came the birds, came the bees, came the catastrophes, and came everything else.  I arrived when it was my time, and I arrived as ENERGY.  And, it is ENERGY that moves me forward every single second of my life.  It is my job to maintain that energy, through good and bad, to accomplish a mission I chose before I arrived through my mother.  It is all up to me to move forward just like the fishes in the seas when it was their turn to become part of the flow.  While I take this all very seriously, when in this mode of thinking, such as very much this morning, I am also in charge of finding the joy, love, abundance, and well being in my life and to spread that to others–it is my charge as ENERGY in the FLOW.

This process has helped explain why my ego is pretty much lost, ego has to do with being a person, a singular individual, and being a WHAT, such as ENERGY, replaces much of ego.  It still pops up not wanting to be left behind, but it is easier and easier to wave it away within seconds reminding it that it is no longer needed.  And being ENERGY does not make me special, we are all ENERGY; not all of us have realized that–it happens at everyone’s own time, their time to enter the FLOW.

Finding the joy, love, abundance, and well being is easy in the FLOW…


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