What I Am is the Plan…

Ghandi Be the change

Poignant words seen time after time, but this is my plan…

Change in the world is my plan.  Change in the world is what I am here for.  Change in the world is all I have experienced moving forward in a very positive way.  There is no time nor room for viciousness, violence, unkindness, racism, misogyny, sexism, or materialism or many of the other faces of the world…  It is a time to be thoughtful, to be kind, to be the change we want to see.  Energy spent elsewhere dilutes the energy of the globe, and we are all a part of the natural world–the globe.

So, as I move forward with the Empower Excellence Experience, all effort is being directed towards peace, calm, love, and change.  And money is what makes the world go round–not in a greedy way but in the original thought as forms of money were created–it is a form of barter.  Beginning with helping folks to develop a good relationship with money, the focus will remain on this, but it will expand to nutritional needs, aging needs, health needs, and spiritual needs.  God and the Universe has provided me with a fantastically diverse array of skills and talents, and it is up to me to take these skills and talents and put them into the world in my own way.  Money is a basic foundational need to be nutritionally sound, healthy throughout our decades, and to alleviate the worry that takes away from our spiritual exploration, discovery, and peace.  Amen.

So, here I stand as a humble being moving throughout this life exemplifying, I hope, the change I want to see in this world.  I want to be a blazing example of what can be done when all else that is distracting us from creating change is put aside…quietly and deliberately.


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