Entering the Year of the Brave

brave lyric 3 jpg

This is day one of my new year having celebrated my birthday yesterday.  And this is my year of being brave, and I invite all who are inclined to join me to do so.  In every part of my life, I want to stand up for the values I have embodied after all of these years.  I have the moral courage to stand up for what I believe in.  And that does not always mean that it will turn out for the good.  I need to be there to stand up not only for me but for others as well.  And, as many experts agree, I have several questions that I ask as I am making decisions.  These are questions that have been placed out there by many over the years, but I believe they are worth repeating:

  • Is this decision for the greater good?
  • Is this something I have to prepare for before I make the decision?
  • Am I a victim of “groupthink”?
  • Can  reframe this situation to better reflect the conflict and my values?

But I will add another factor that is very important to me:


And, I know, in the end, how I respond to any situation is a reflection of who I have really become…




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