Tranquility Can Be Deceiving…


Teal is a favorite color, and it like all colors comes in varying shades; and it takes many colors to make up “teal”.  Kind of like anything in a vision of diversity.  Teal is truly a symbolic color of tranquility for me.  And, it is a sign of change that is happening within and without of my Spirit.

Chaos for me leads to tranquility…

And this has been a lifetime of chaos.  No need to detail any of the chaos because it is now in the past.  Interestingly enough, this transfer into tranquility is becoming very apparent during my birthday month, October, which really is a “thin veil” month where emotions and sentiments are very close to the surface.  Every October leads to great change in my life, kind of like a rebirth.  But this year, it is different, it is a calm rebirth.  It is the spiritual announcement that this year “I am different”.  

There is a greater peace in all areas of my life; and that is a major departure from the chaos.  A great example is my “little people time”, a time I began in earnest 2 years ago when my first grandson, Liam, was only a few months old and I began staying with him on a weekly basis for a full day plus.  I learned how to exit my professional life for his time, and it was a promise I made that it was his time.  Now there are two little people as Kurt, Jr. entered the world this year, and the prospect of being with a 29 month old and a 6 month old portended a day of pure exhaustion, which at first it was.  Now, it is their day, and I am adjusting beautifully with the help of one Aleve at the end of the day.  I am becoming what I hoped for:  a part of a beautiful young family.

But now, in my professional life, which is proceeding quietly and powerfully and successfully at a pace that is almost miraculously slow, I am a much quieter version.  I am tranquil, and I am at peace.  At times, I almost feel discomfort when I am in a highly energized group of business folks where everything has a sense of urgency.  

So now, I am realizing that all of the work, all of the chaos, has brought me to the point of peace and tranquility.  I still am productive and professional, but I am no longer stressed.  I can be me, the quiet peaceful me, that I am just learning to recognize and accept.  And the interesting point is that while I am bringing peace and tranquility with money to my clients on all levels I am becoming more peaceful and more tranquil in all areas of my life.  And that brings us back to “teal”.  When I chose colors for my firm, Empower Excellence, teal was the primary color.  Yes, it has to do with the coloring of blue butterflies, but it was so much more, it is the color of peace and its various shades are colors of water in its various environments, and water for me is a peaceful and tranquil symbol of its own.  

Knowing more of who I am without the chaos is making me a better coach and networking facilitator…every thought, every action, every reaction is now occurring in a calmer flow.  Yes, “flow” like water, the smooth movement from one moment in the “Now” to the next moment in the “Now”.

And “Flow” was my chosen path.  So, for those who are seeing the new me, know that this quieter, gentler version is ok.  There is nothing “wrong”.  I have learned to turn the chaos into peace and tranquility and there will be no noisy celebrations about that…just peace. 


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