Somewhere Into the Vortex…


In recent weeks, I have been attracted during my meditation period both morning and evening to Esther and Jerry Hicks.  During all of my years of work with energy , I have not been attracted to their Abraham and the Law of Attraction partially because I felt I was already incorporating the principles into my life and practice.  And I still believe I was “there” on the surface.  

During the last year especially I have continued changing on my journey, and I know that will continue forever.  I am very blessed.  But somehow, and I do not know when and where this happened, I became very curious about Esther and Jerry and Abraham.  And I am very blessed that I did.

As a big believer in vibratory power, and a big believer in The Powers of the Universe work, which details how The Powers of the Universe–the development of the Universe over billions of years as shared by Brian Swimme and others, I am already in the vortex, in my definition the flowing of the Universe over time where I can be a part of the flow and not just an observer.  In my words, it is when I am “in the flow”.  I am more “in the flow” than not “in the flow” these days, and I am delighted by that.  I know when I am in the vortex!  

So Esther and Jerry have become my vehicles of meditation in the morning, and it is a wondrous journey, which I am now beginning to share on a daily basis.  Esther’s “rampages” are delightful, and, maybe, that is because I totally understand and relate to their beliefs.  It is a practice of joy and happiness and energy and everlasting life!

So, if you know about the Vortex and Esther and Jerry Hicks and appreciate their rampages and other offerings, please appreciate their gifts, and periodically, you may be viewing my thoughts on vibrations and energy and the Vortex.

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