Me, Content? Don’t Think So…


Yes, October, is my birthday month, and I am never content even in my birthday month.  

I do realize I am not meant to be content in places that dwarf my spirit at all.  That has always been me, including in utero.  As a child, I was docile but difficult.  I always was trying to keep my voice alive.  And many tried to quiet me.  It did not work then; it does not work now.  I am just a little more professional and sophisticated about it now.  I have learned, I have grown, and I understand quickly.  I have made many leaps throughout my life.  Learning and knowledge were and are always in my nature.  I have been a student, and I have been and am a teacher.  I am a sponge for the most part.  And, yes, I break rules and create my own.  I operate from intuition.  The Universe and God are on my side…

For a while, time was flying way too fast; however, the busier I am becoming, the slower time is going as I keep my priorities straight.  I make connections not everyone sees, and I share all I learn from them.  I am a teacher, and I always learn the most.  My joy comes from sharing with others, sharing knowledge I have acquired.  

In this process, however, I have learned that I am not always easy to deal with because no one ever really knows what I am thinking at any given moment.  I am not the good witch of Halloween, although I am of Halloween.  I would not call me a bad witch.  I would call me a Wise Witch, one who knows who she is…an authentic Witch.  As an authentic Wise Witch, I take care of me, my family, my friends, and all of my business supporters…clients, networking members, and more.  October has 30 days, and I will celebrate the month on October 31 with a visit to my spiritual holistic intuitive…and then, who knows what the Wise Witch will do on the anniversary of her birth at 10:30 PM, well before midnight appears!

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