Fueled by Purpose, Energy Abounds!

The Universe Once You Decide

Oh yes, I am pumped today!  I am wracked with allergy symptoms, but that is not stopping me.  I have listened to one of the Abraham Rampages that was so appropriate for where I am right now with my life.

More than that, my journaling last evening put into writing the saying “Not my Monkeys, Not my Circus”!  Four instances of where people thought they could insert their drama into my life.  They could not!  I am pumped, and my purpose is energizing me.

It is temptation that moves me forward, that temptation known as intuition.  Oh yes, intuition is tempting me every day to do what I might not think of on my own.  But it is my own, it has been my own forever.  It is only now that I truly understand the power, the intuition, and the energy.

We are conspiring with the Universe, we are conspiring with God to do what is mine to do, and I am now Inspired and Unstoppable.  Watch me now!  


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