It is Saturday, but…


As an entrepreneur, as an employer, the weekends many times, when you are away from the everyday workplace, become the unconscious thinking time, a very productive time.  For those of you have employees, this is their time, for many, to kick back and relax before returning refreshed to the workplace in a day or two.  But for many employees, the stress they experience with their finances becomes more intense on the weekend when they have to deal with the money for all sorts of things.

Can you, as an employer, spot the signs of financial stress in your workplace with your employees?  If you are seeing these signs, you are also seeing a lack of productivity, which does affect you and your business, and a lack of happiness in your employees.

I cannot help but share these signs with you.  That is what I do.  I empower excellence in individuals and organizations especially when it comes to money.  So, here are some signs to pay attention to.  We will talk at a later time about what to do when you are seeing these signs.  The first step is to become aware:

  1. Folks spending time dealing with personal finances while in the workplace.
  2. Taking loans against their retirement savings.
  3. Asking for advances before payday.
  4. Unexpected absences; and
  5. Medical issues that could have been avoided through preventative care.

Pay attention.  Your employees heath affects your business, and their financial health oftentimes goes unnoticed.  It can cost you happiness, productivity, and money!

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