The Choice is Mine, Always Has Been!


Today’s thoughts are short and sweet…

I have always been headstrong.  I also have always had multiple ideas for whatever I was involved in.  Some work and some do not.  One thing I have never been is patient, and right now I am going through a very impatient time.  Enough said about that.

Today is like being at an event where a balloon vendor  is offering beautiful balloons, and I have no money to buy one.  It is a sad moment, and it is one that is familiar during my life.  But I really love those balloons.  So, somehow, I have to find the way to have a balloon…

And now, the balloons in the colors of my company logo are right there, but I still am not ready to pluck the balloon of my choice from the sky due to the entrepreneurial funding model!  But I am my own hero, and I know not one but all of those balloons will be mine in a short time…because I believe in me!


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