Creativity is Hitting Hard…


I love the graphic shared by…It really puts into focus how out of focus I may appear to be at times…

Yesterday I talked about ORIGINALS by Adam Grant, and I talked about my Healthy Eating initiative as a part of The Empower Excellence Experience (TEEE!) moving forward.  How are they connected?  They definitely are as without health excellence is not possible, and healthy heating is the foundation of health.  That is it pure and simple.  And the best road to Happiness is being Healthy .  It really is…

 About the same time I was beginning Empower Excellence, I became involved in the local food movement.  It went dormant for a while to expand what I was doing with the main part of my business, but it came back with a vengeance.  And I am truly someone who has to speak my truth to feel my power.  My truth is happiness, health, and financial sustainability for all.  My voice is the voice for so many and more are about to hear my message…Communication is a voice for Creativity.  I am a Creative, I am an Original, and I am a powerful Voice.  Yes, I am.


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