And Doreen Virtue Ratifies My Choice, Again!

Fresh Local Produce on counter top

Since I have given up the local printed media because it is OLD news and a waste of time amid negative vibrations, I no longer have the daily newspaper for my horoscope, but my virtual friend Doreen Virtue’s daily angel card messages are much more welcome and so true for me so many times.  But, unlike a horoscope, Doreen’s messages are now coming after I make decisions, which really serves me as a ratification of those decisions.  Nice!

But it is getting little unsettling.  On September 8th I made my decision to expand Empower Excellence to The Empower Excellence Experience when I move to Oberlin, which will include among several new programs, a cooking program using the produce of local farmers to display how to use local produce at the seasonal farm markets, and the idea was shared with several folks at that time.    And then yesterday, on Monday, September 19th, Doreen’s angel messages focused on Healthful Eating.  OMG, here we go again.  

Her post actually asks “Do you feel ready to make this commitment?”  She goes on to say that “Remember that true healthful eating is built upon basics such as fresh organic produce that you can buy inexpensively at farmers markets….”

Yes, I am already a healthy eater, but this is a unique idea that has just been moved forward by this message.  I am grateful for the ideas that are part of my mission, and there is so much in my past that supports this food segment of my future.  It is exciting, and it is my mission among all of the programs of The Empower Excellence Experience.  And I am grateful for the inspiration and for the ratification…It is exactly this that keeps the weirdness in my life moving forward!

But, I must say that I am not weird.  In the book ORIGINALS by Adam Grant, he shares that being an original is “risky business” because originals are going against the grain when they introduce a “fresh” initiative in an inventive capacity.  Welcome to my life. I have always had a choice to be a conformist or be an original.  The cooking shows using local food from the farmers at the farmers markets is a better option, and I do take radical risks.  I follow my mission, I follow my intuition, and I know Divine Guidance is with me as I walk through the Universe!

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