It is Time for a Quantum Leap!


Going step by step in knowing your numbers is not always necessary…It is a bleak rainy, really rainy, thunder and lightning any day, and I am setting off on a day of friendship and energy with no regard to what is sitting on my desk in my office for it is time for the quantum leap, and I need help achieving that.

Yes, I know my numbers in all parts of my life, but I need a booster to move forward.  I need a quantum leap, a leap outside of the normal.  That leap is energy!

Going off to Energetic Awakenings event in Chardon…I need the booster shot!  And it will be just that…David and Dana will be presenting the program.  Good friends who know energy better than I ever will, but from a different perspective.  I will leap today in ways that I cannot even imagine.

When learning your numbers, it can be tedious and not fun.  But when you know your numbers, life becomes much easier.  It flows like the river of the Universe, and you become a part of that…maybe that is easier too on a rainy, rainy day.


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