Little Shifts, Incremental Progress!


Remember when we first learned to count, we learned by memorizing shapes of the numbers, the colors of the puzzle or whatever we were seeing all of the time!  And then the concept caught up with the learning, and we knew our numbers…physically at least, but it may have taken years to really know our numbers.

There were tiny shifts towards that incremental progress…

And it would have been fantastic if all we had to learn to “know our numbers” were the sizes and the shapes, but life is much more complicated than that, and every function of life has some connection to money; and, sooner or later, we have to learn those numbers if we are to avoid chaos in our financial lives.  

We begin to learn that in our adult lives when we find times that we cannot meet our basic needs.   How could that happen?  Well, we learn to be dependent upon others to provide those needs never really taking responsibility to “know our numbers”.  Sooner or later that has to shift or else we will continually live in that chaotic state whenever something “happens”.  And that something can be a divorce, loss of a job, unexpected medical situation, and more.  And that something always happens…

Are you ready to “know your numbers”?  It is a first step towards responsibility for your money and your happiness.


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