And Then There Was This Thing…


This was the week of getting back into the flow, and I did just that…but then there was this thing!

I had worked very hard on various aspects of my business in the area of social media and marketing.  It was all going well, and then there was this thing!

Ready to just pour a glass of wine last night and call it a day; I did a double take; and then I knew there was this thing I committed to attending!

So, off into the shower, into the car, and into the home of a friend.  And this thing turned into a fantastic step towards happiness in my future.  While it is very much into the future, this thing could totally bring together everything I have done in my life, and I do mean everything:  family, values, health, financial background, food, networking, coaching, and more!  It is all about me, this thing!

Interestingly, it even incorporates Oberlin and the potential energy efficient home that will be built,  this thing!  And my meditation this morning cemented it all together with happiness!  This thing for now will be known as the Empower Excellence Experience…so happy about this thing!


Share with Jan….and Jan will share with you…

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