Divinely Working…

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Way back in January, Oprah Winfrey in “O” declared 2016 to be “The Year of You”, an article to unlock the secrets of true motivation…and watch(ing) your life soar”.

Today is the beginning of another month and for many the beginning of a new school year.  For me, it has been a very transformative few days; and the change is not yet over.  And I am sure that I am going to be learning a lot as I move forward.  According to Doreen Virtue, working with the Butterfly Oracle Cards, of special significance to me as the butterfly is part of my logo as well as a sign of transformation and transcendence, for this week’s messages, change is coming big time.  For me all I have done with my business has been instinctive for the last four years.  I have known what steps to take each moment of the way.  I have grown.  I have healed.  I am meeting all who will advance my direction moving forward.  I am on a journey of co-creation and happiness.  And the butterfly is playing center stage…

Just this afternoon on Public Television, there was a program on The Butterfly Project of the Holocaust Museum of Houston, a program where school children are creating masterpieces of butterflies, each one symbolizing a child who died without reason in the Holocaust.  Beautiful butterflies!

Only the divine knows where each of these occurrences will fall on my path that I started four years ago.  What just occurred to me is that what I am doing is truly a “Transformation Into Happiness”.  A transformation not only for me but also for all I work with.  I think that is a pretty big Divine mission.  It is a further definition of what I have been doing; but it is also the path ahead as I move to Oberlin and create a center for transformation into happiness for anyone experiencing a transition in any part of their lives.  Empower Excellence is there, just like the transformative caterpillar becoming the butterfly, to empower the excellence within each and every one of us…

Want to join in the Transformation Into Happiness?  Now, I must go and continue my transformation.


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