Make a Choice, any Choice, That is Action!

Hope Butterfly 2

Choosing HOPE is an action.  It says that we want to move toward something rather than remaining stuck where we are…  Sometimes that is easy, sometimes it is not…  But taking that one step can make all the difference in the world.  Do you have to choose HOPE?  No, but even when you choose something else, you are showing HOPE.  You are taking a step forward, any step forward.  that is HOPE!  

Choosing to stay in bed in the morning is an action.  You may think that is inaction; but it shows that you are making a choice.  Choosing to get out of bed in the morning is also a choice, one that will have far different consequences than staying in bed.  Sooner or later, you will have to get up.  Nature will make that decision for you, or you can wet the bed!  Getting up was an action step, especially if you are filled with HOPE that you will be successful in making it to the bathroom!

But it is true that once we choose HOPE anything is possible.  Moment by moment, step by step, choosing HOPE shows that we still are alive.  It shows that there is something we still need or want, that we still have a dream, no matter how small…even if it is just to get up in the morning.


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