I’m About to Lose Control, and…

Money is not the problem jpeg

I think I hate it!.  Anyone who has children knows that the idea of being in control as a parent is a major waste of energy.  You can think you are in control, but you are not!  Money is the same way.  It really is.  You can have control or you can have your dreams…I know of no one who achieved their dreams by being totally in control.  I work with money relationships every day; and some days, my money relationship goes totally out of my control.  And it is totally frustrating.  I would like to share the advice I use on “me”…  Really.  Stop, Breathe, Meditate, and Move On.  Yes, it is a little bit of time spent gathering your inner control, and it works.  It stops the insanity and lets you patiently and peacefully allow the solution to appear.  It always does.

Put together your money relationship and children and it becomes totally unmanageable.    Just thought I would throw that in there!  

I think control is useful with your money relationship, but I think the terminology should be “flexible spending plan.”  When you know what your income is, what your needs are, what your wants are, then you can figure out how to achieve your dreams.  Sometimes you need to get a little loose, a little chipper, with the spending plan to be able to get to the dreams.  Think about it, a happy state of mind can make all of the difference for your brain to become creative with your money.  It works a lot better than crying and sulking.  Think of it as you would dealing with a child.  Drama never achieves control with children; it just gives you drama back!  Money is the same way!

 And, just like children, money needs a little love:  

  • take a deep breath to make you relax before acting
  • the breath helps you reset; now begin to create new habits that make you feel better
  • once in a while, just let the thoughts about money go!  You have taken a breath; now take a break
  • if your dark side gets a little too dark, stop, breath, meditate, and take a nap!
  • It always works with kids!



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