Courageously Be Happy No Matter…

Courage and Vision Boards

It is the beginning of a new month…and you may find yourself checking in to see if you are on track with your money, with your life.  It is a wonderful point in life when I can really believe that I am on track with my life and I always have been:  I just did not know that until recently.

And that is a very liberating awareness.  You do not have to be on track with anyone else, just you.  But know, that the world is on track with you.  Everyone has their own path to follow; and, to simplify life, if each of us is on track on our own path, we are all on track in the world.  So simple, but true.  So simple, but not true in reality.  The world wants and needs your opinion, your humor, and your history because all that is within you and makes everyone beautiful.  But we try to please other people, which throws the whole premise off kilter.

So, do not try to please others.  Find work that is meaningful to you, that reflects your passion,  which can create excitement and commitment.  That commitment will attract all others.  This really creates the happiness you seek, and, when you are happy, the world is happy.  See how easy it is…just be you!


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