“The Day Before Something is a Breakthrough, It’s a Crazy Idea…”

Butterfly Escaping Earth Peace 7 8 16

July is just about done, and a crazy July it has been.  The title of today’s blog comes from serial entrepreneur Dr. Peter Diamandis, and it is oh so true.  July has been a month of hard work that will bear fruit in the future, but it is hard to keep working without seeing the actual results.  I agree with his thoughts to “go big”, “build wealth”, and “change the world”.  And today, I truly am moving toward my future abundance, or wealth, by being grateful for my present circumstances.  Dr. Diamandis really knows how to go big in a way that is very evident.  He is interesting to learn about…

For me, the magnitude of my decision to “go big” is taking root.  And I will leave that for now.

There are millions who need what I am doing…and now that I feel confident as a coach and healer, the breakthrough needs to be shared a s a coach and a healer…and as an entrepreneur.  That is the month of August, and God and the Universe are with me.  Gifts have been presented to me on how to do that.  I am ready…I am no longer preparing.  I am ready. And that, my friends, is how breakthroughs happen…this is no longer a crazy idea.  

And to share, your moment is now for whatever you want to achieve, for whatever your dream is.  It is time to go for it.  No matter the time, no matter the money.  You have a dream, it is time to acknowledge it and pursue it.  And I will be a cheerleader for your crazy breakthrough idea….

janicelitterst@gmail.com       http://www.empowerexcellencewithjan.com


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