Do You Have a Funny Money Post or Joke? Please, I am serious…

Caterpillars Change

Some days, things just are not funny, and I keep looking for that funny thought or sight that will make me laugh because laughing is good!  And some days, money is just not funny!

Butterflies are a favorite of mine, and you rarely find funny butterflies.  Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, and many are looking to transform their money situation.  So, butterflies can be seen many times, not only on my logo, but also on social media posts.  But the post on this blog today is about as funny as butterflies get…

As I am working on a media piece for Empower Excellence, I really have a hard time getting humor into the situation because the folks I work with are not having a fun time with money.    But I keep trying.  I really want to express the JOY that people uncover–because it is there–when they resolve their money situation.  Money is JOYFUL…

So just like a caterpillar fearing the change they are undergoing because they do not know what the future holds, my clients become beautiful butterflies in a flash when they begin to unwind their concerns, and then they are JOYFUL.

I am sure that the caterpillars try really hard to find a way to feel the JOY while they are feeling like they are dying.  It’s like be funny or die.  But what is there to be funny about?

  Since I am really struggling to find the funny things about money, I need your help.  If you find a post or a comic or a joke about money, please send it to me at    I think I need to find the funny side of money and then share those with my readers, and then I can be a little funny about money.  Please and thanks.


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