Release Yourself From the Pressure to Shine!

Don't Think too much jpg stress

Good Morning, and it is, no matter what is happening in your life.  Every day is not a shining day, and it takes a lot of patience and faith over the years to release yourself from the pressure to shine.  There are days, no matter what you think you have to do, when it is a release to move slowly, move deliberately, and not to think too much!  I know of what I speak because this Summer has been one big long day like that…

I am an addict…I am addicted to productivity, adrenaline rushes, “what did I accomplish today”, and more.  I am definitely an achievement addict.  Yes, I think, I am “recovering”.  But now I am overwhelmed with what the Universe has provided me to move forward, which is what I really am ready to do.  As I sit with you this morning, I have realized that I have spent many years becoming healthy:  Sleeping well, eating well, meditating well, exercising  well (lots of room for improvement there), and tending to my soul.  And all of that takes a lot of time, especially sleeping well.  In the meantime, over the last years, I have created my company Empower Excellence to work with clients on the transitions of their lives in a financial manner.  Those transitions span everything from marriage through death.  That is a lot of ground to cover…and it is an emotional ground!  I am now at the transition point of my own life with Empower Excellence.

I have the tools, I really do.  But I am not sure if I am just exhausted from being well or just overwhelmed.  And that is the point where many of my clients are when they begin working with me…How do I move forward?  

And, yes, there have been many things in the last 60 days that have led me to the mental state I am in.  And, I know they are not excuses, they are real happenings, which I hope will end this evening when the Democratic National Convention concludes.  You see, I have been through a potential career transition process, I have been through all of the Cavaliers games, I have been through the Republican National Convention, and I am living through–not sleeping through the Democratic National Convention.  All of these things have been important events in my life, but I am not sleeping well when I am working and watching all of the national tv coverage of these once in a lifetime events.  You see, I am also a leadership junkie, I am a Cavaliers junkie, and I am a political junkie.

 So, I know I am tired.  But there are so many business-related transitions that are begging to be completed.  And many of them are brand new experiences for me, so there is also a learning curve.  And, I forgot to mention, there is a new grandchild also in the last few months.  Please, give me strength !

All I have to do is “creative”, which means it takes time, spirit, and soul, which are depleted at this moment.  But, alas, I am moving forward slowly.

Last night, I took a major step towards sanity…I put a “blackout” post on both my personal and business Facebook page.  I need to remove that time sucker from my life while I rejuvenate.  Keep in mind, my Empower Excellence page will be resurrected soon, but not until I go through the transition of my business offerings.  It will become “the” business page, not the inspirational page.  This blog will be the inspirational piece, which is placed on both pages daily.  That will remain for now and for the future.  But, this morning, I really had tor strain myself from posting, from “sharing”, and more that would have been against a “blackout”.  Yes, I am also addicted to pieces of social media, but that will be changing to be more productive.  My personal posts will pretty much cease.  Social media will be Empower Excellence related.  Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

 Ironically, the action did not require much thinking…I just did it.  It was a creative move to move forward, and creativity is a first step to achieving.  Franklin D. Roosevelt shared that “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money, it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”    And I am moving forward in a state of happiness and joy through a transition of uncertainty, and that is all good because the Universe has led me down this path before; but this time, I am more patient and understanding of me even if I do not know the ultimate outcome…we never do, do we?



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