Finding the Magic Within to be Better Than Ever!

Magic is all around you

Transitions are hard, whether the transitions are good or bad.  You can lose a job, lose a significant other, inherit money, inherit a family, or inherit a job you do not want.  Each one of these situations are transitional.  They have various components of change involved.  But almost always they have a financial component that rises to the surface causing turmoil of one kind or another.  In all honesty, the turmoil with money was lying beneath the surface waiting to have the opportunity to rise and give you hell!

This is where the healing needs to happen–not on the surface with the transition, but below the surface finding the source of the discontent with money.

The place to start is within you.  Really and truly.  And it is important that you allow your inner being to be there, to help you, and to accept help from outside of yourself as well.  

Becoming better than you have ever been requires all of the magic you can find…begin to be aware of your magic and all of the magic that is around you!

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