Strength is NOT Showy! Inspiration Comes Quietly…

Butterfly Philosophy

Many ask “How do I become inspired?’  “You make it look so easy!”  Yah, right!

Many who are seen as strong are the ones who fight the demons quietly with worry in the evenings before sleep, with dreams that are not fun, and with tears in the shower that no one sees.  Strength is not a showy thing; the actions of the strong may appear to be inspiring, but the back story is more of a drama…until

Faith, patience, and perseverance quietly steel into the mornings of the strong, and there is the one moment of “ah-ha”.  Everything does not change in a moment….for me it has come quietly and in small doses, and today, I do believe that I have found balance and inspiration.  Now it is up to me to continue moving on the pathway of inspiration.  That may appear to be strong, but, let me tell you about the dream I had last night…


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