No plan? Take action anyway…

Dancing toddler

Think about a toddler…they do not plan, they just do, and they are some of the most creative creatures on this planet!  

So many times, we fail to act because we think we need to plan when our intuition can really take over.  Think about, or do not think about…it is time to do what we are hearing in our heart and soul that we should act.  This is a funny thing about money.  We do not want to just plunge in and spend,  but, when there are money concerns, we pull back…operating from a point of lack instead of moving ahead with what our heart is telling us to do…save the money, pay the bill, talk to a creditor when dollars are not there to pay them.  Do the action, and you might just feel like doing a little dance.  Really, because you are facing your reality and moving ahead by moving in some way…


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