Helping Others to Rise…

Show Up

The Sun can be a shiny distraction…or it can be a beam of enlightenment leading us to our abundance, our grace, and all of our good.  Either way, it is a sign of a new day, and it can be a day when we are all we can be in order to help others be all they can be.  The determining factor for the Sun in our lives to be a distraction or to be a beam of enlightenment falls upon our emotions and the ability to recognize our emotions and to control them to be what we want them to be.  Yes, we can control our emotions; some people would say that we cannot, but we can.  Controlling our emotions becomes easier when we have identified our personal “why” and then use the “why” as a guide for all decisions.  Keeping that “why” in mind helps us to develop our own plan for our life, including the money in our life.

Our “why” makes money decisions so much easier.  But, yes, you need to develop your “why” as a first step.  And once you have done that, helping others to find their “why” should be your next step!


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