Embracing the Infinite to Serve the Now…

Small Beginnings and Vision

Embracing the infinite sometimes makes everyone seem really small; the ability to be creative, to open yourself up to all possibilities is stretching.  The possibilities for our lives and those we can serve are endless.  We are the ones who put limits on ourselves.  Sometimes it is the fear that creates the limits.  If we begin to believe that we can embrace the infinite by embracing the moment, it removes those limits, it erases the fears of the future.  Anything can change in a second…really.

And, when we put limits on ourselves in our total life, we are putting limits on what we can do with the money in our lives.  After all, it is the total energy of our life that creates the money flow in our lives.  When we put the limits “on”, we put the brakes on what we can accomplish; and that limits the money flow in our lives.  It also limits what we believe we can accomplish in order to serve others; and that is where the mission and passion of our lives returns to:  serving others in a positive way.

Believing and embracing the infinite takes our foot off the brake of energy and allows us to move ahead right in the moment, serving and manifesting beyond our wildest dreams.


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