When Dreams Are Filled With Rage…

Butterfly Escaping Earth Peace 7 8 16

When sleep is good, but dreams are not, it is time to take inventory of what is going on. Wonderful sleep but the dreams were so graphic.  Rage at the smallest things was the theme.  What is really scary is that a simply wonderful experience scheduled for today was the subject of one of the dreams; it was cancelled in the dream, and just within the hour, it was actually cancelled.  But the rage is what my morning awakening was all about.

I am not one to walk away from the problems of the world.  In fact, I have been one to face social justice issues head on, sometimes to the detriment of myself.  But that has slowly been changing.  I still seek solutions, but I seek them in areas where I can affect change.  My business was formed in that vein of thought.  But there has become a vein of rage that manifests itself rarely but violently when it does.  Violent inasmuch as my inner bitch surfaces…nothing really violent, just violent for me.  

But it was enough of a warning signal from my soul to stop, think, look around, and see what is going down.  And I did.  Facebook is overloaded today with the outrage of all of the killing of all types that is occurring.  The outrage is justified.  When this type of outrage subsides, the political vitriol continues.  When this is not happening, then there are totally insane posts.  I am discontinuing the use of my personal page.  Yes, I will continue with my Empower Excellence page.  It will continue only in positivity and joy.  It will give inspiration to be joyful in energy, both personal and with money that reflects a person’s energy.  I am not commenting on posts, but I welcome comments on my Empower Excellence page.  Many years ago, I discontinued cable tv except for the basic for many of the same reasons.  I am no longer watching news shows.  The tv is silent much of the time.  NPR programming has been really bothering me in recent weeks, and with my latest comment to WCPN in Cleveland, where I have been a supporter, my support has stopped.  Positive vibrations affect those of us who have become conscious of our own vibrations.  Sometimes I feel that I have become too aware and that scares me, too.  Transformation for me, the awareness that I have the wings of a butterfly–much like my Empower Excellence logo–is not reversible.  Negativity affects me.  That danger signal occurred in my dreams last night.  I am not waiting, I am taking the actions I have described.  I am not in denial, but I choose to take peaceful action beginning within my soul and moving outward moment by moment from there.  I am not doing this alone…and anyone seeking positive peace is welcome to join me.







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