Life is All Mine…ALL Mine!

Life is Beholden to You Photo

Forever, that is the amount of time I have…in this world and another world…forever!  I will not just disappear some day.  I will be with my mission and passion forever; and that is why today is beginning a new episode.  A time of choices and opportunities; and opportunities that will force choices.  But they are not choices that will eliminate opportunities; they are choices that will offer new opportunities for me and for others.  It is complicated sounding, but it is not.  It is so easy if I can stay in the flow.  It is not for me to know; it is for me to experience; it is time for me to trust my intuition moving forward as I have for years.  Yes, I am the master of my life; it is my life!  That is a point that is sometimes difficult for people to understand.  I chose my life before I came to the Earth.  God and the Universe and I are co-conspirators, co-collaborators.  I am the privileged one who gets to experience the realities of those choices.  If only I knew the total plan; but that is not for me to know.  It is only mine to live!



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