Make Your Dream Come Alive…

6 27 16 Miller Butterfly Stone

There are some very beautiful artistic creations of butterflies…some in metal sculpture, some in paintings, and some like this in stone…It is my intention to create a rubbing of this before the Summer is over.  It has to be done to make this butterfly come alive sufficiently to remind me of all of the live butterflies at the Miller Nature Preserve’s Butterfly House in NE Ohio…

6 27 16 Miller Julia female again

For only when a butterfly is alive, for a very short time span, can they continue and complete their transformation.  This female Julia butterfly is a thing of beauty and its whole life is a transformation.  A lesson to be learned for all of us who believe there is never enough time to make our dreams come true…whatever your dreams are–including financial, start right now, there is not a moment to spare…


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