Receiving 1,001 Likes on “empowerexcellencewithjan”?

Love and Light

So much to happen in one morning…I learn that I have reached 1,000, actually 1,001, “likes” with this blog.  Interesting!  Yes, I have surrounded myself with people who relate to what I share.  But that is one of the most interesting things about me–I am a boat rocker, I am a disrupter.  That is not always popular with people who believe in “rules”.  The formation of my company was a boat rocking process.  I not only left government and corporate America over the years of my career, but I struck out with a concept that few think about much less act upon.  I help people think differently about money…and, yes, people do regain their footing with their money working with me.

This is not rocket science, but it is a gift from the Universe to go where no one else goes when talking about money and wellness with money.  This ain’t no bank talk; this is Universe talk; this is spiritual talk.  This is hard talk.  

But I do learn from every client.  And I continue to disrupt unless I would be disrupted.  It is that simple.  And today is a turning point where I am about to launch webinars to educate family law attorneys and estate planning attorneys on how I can save them time, money, and stress while working with their clients living through life transitions.  I am the expert on the money transition; they are the legal experts.  We work and walk hand in hand with the clients through transitions…

FOUR YEARS AGO, THIS WAS A MOONSHOT…today it is the launch!  So appropriate for the upcoming Fourth of July!  No fireworks, just more freedom for folks with their money!

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