Stop Trying to Manage Everything…


Managing your life, managing your family, managing your career, managing your money…managing, managing, managing.  It used to be that Sunday was the day of rest, a day not to manage anything; but then that changed when people felt that they had to manage their religious life.  You notice I said”religious” not “spiritual”.  It is interesting today that after being a member of three religious denominations–Revolutionary Catholic, Unity, and United Church of Christ–that I am home on a Sunday morning joyfully working.  Please know that I am now actively participating in the United Church of Christ as a member of First Church of Oberlin.  And I am not managing a religious life.  I am a very strong spiritual person; First Church is a part of my total life which is very spiritual.  And that is where everything in my life is becoming very interesting.  I have stopped managing; I now go “with the flow”.  Yes, there are days I need to be somewhere at a particular time, and I am.  It just flows now.  My calendar is more of a guide than a “plan”.  There is no longer guilt if the calendar gets changed, it gets changed.  


“Trust” for me is learning to understand “intuition”, “faith”, and “self esteem”.  It may have taken decades for me to build on my foundation of self esteem (a very long, long journey), to find my faith (not religion but faith in the Universe), and, very importantly, to tune into my intuition.  It proves itself every single day, possibly, every single moment.  And then, I have learned to “fail fast, often, and forward.”  It is all ok!  There is a lesson to be learned with every right action; and a right action has to do with listening to intuition — even if it s wrong, it is right…a lesson to be learned to move forward, and moving forward is what life is all about.  Otherwise, we would still be one day old.  Think about it.  We are made to move forward.


You will find that you stop trying to manage your life; you flow with your life.  You will find that you will stop trying to manage your family relationships; you flow with your family, sometimes good and sometimes bad, just like a river.  You will stop trying to manage your career; you will flow in your career when you take the time to find your passion/mission.  (Really, that does happen!)  And you will stop trying to manage your money; you will flow with your money when you flow with your life.  Yes, there are basics in your money life just as there are basics in all parts of your life.  But, if you flow in your total life, you will flow in your money life because you learn to know and trust your intuition, your faith, and your self esteem soars.  


In your life, in your family, in your career, in your money…


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