Taking Advantage of the Energy Moment…

Purple Present Moment

Eckhart Tolle is a favorite.  He is all about the “now”.  It is amazing when the money flows in, my energy flows out.  Awake at 4 a.m., up and breakfasted, read The Plain Dealer, cleaned the downstairs, ran the dishwasher, cleaned the bathrooms, washed the car, trimmed the dogwood, took the recycling away, cleaned the trash can, and watered the tree and bushes,  and emptied the dishwasher; all by 9:20 a.m.

All in a moment…one moment of energy at a time flowed into the next.  Living in the now also applies to money.  If we live the moment in lack, we will lack energy of all types.  If we live in abundance in the moment, we will have energy in all parts of our life.  So, why look to small things.  Shoot for the Moon.  And do it in this moment.  There is no reason to put it off.  It will be a positive move, and it will keep you moving forward.  Surround yourself with positive energy folks, be open to all that happens in each moment, and look for failure.  Yes, failure; it is a necessary step towards success and energy in all of your life.  Failure lasts a moment, literally; it is living in failure that can last for years.

Excuse me, in this moment, I am taking a shower and a nap before starting the rest of my day…




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