Cleveland Can Do So Many Things!

Cleveland Photo after NBA Win

When I choose italics in my blog, it is usually because it is a very personal topic!  

And today is a very personal day in Cleveland.  Yes, it has everything to do with the Cavaliers winning the NBA title last night; but it is so much more.

Yes, I was actually born in the City of Cleveland.  Cleveland was a dynamic city then with a strong manufacturing base, strong public leaders, and a beautiful lake.  Over the years, the lake became a flaming joke.  Today, the lake is coming back to be a destination, a place to live by, and a great source of recreational and economic development.  It is the city where the RNC will come to town in a month and pose all kinds of challenges–good and bad!  

And Cleveland has been a strong supportive city for all of its sports teams…My report cards enabled my father and I to attend more than one Indians game together.  I was able to share the Indians with my children over the years including one season when we had seats behind home plate.  The Cavaliers were a large part of a certain time in my life as my youngest son had a real devotion to the team and was able to spend a day with Coach Lenny Wilkins and his staff including lunch out in Northfield with the coaching staff.  The Cavaliers have had years of “trying” as well.  The return of LeBron James brought hope to the City, and last night LBJ’s promise was fulfilled.  The Indians at this moment are in first place, too.

But Cleveland and Northeast Ohio is so much more than just the teams; and LBJ showed that last night in his comment that he was home!  Northeast Ohio is a large, diverse part of the state and the country.  It has a climate that is totally unpredictable.  It is diverse.  Last night’s celebration of the Cavaliers’ win brought everyone together with one common chant “YES!”

Now that our eyes are wide open today, let’s not lose the “YES!” factor.  We are Cleveland, we are proud, we are diverse.  No matter where we live in this “greatest location in the nation”, let us carry over the unity to the good and the bad that is part of our life here…”YES!”


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