Transitional Floating…


Floating on a Friday…  It is becoming an every day thing in my life.  I am still working hard but smart and am learning that I do have time to do many things that have been forgotten like day dreaming and reading and watching Sports on TV.

Today is a busy day, but the “busy” overshadows the transition I am going through.  One door needs to be slammed, and the currently open door needs to put a “welcome” sign on it…such are the indicators of a transition.   And that is why I am floating.

Learning that many “experts” are not really “experts”, I am learning to ignore their offers of “help”.  No one knows better than me what I am doing, where I am going, and the transition I am in.  floating is a sign of a free spirit, a thought that I used to shun, but no more.  I am truly a free spirit in a family of siblings that are not.  I am a free spirit in a community that is not.  So I am in more than one transition, and I am happy to say that “I am floating through transition” once again and always.  Join me…only if you dare!


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