In This Moment…

I Am

Awake, invigorated, energized, and blessed…

If you wonder upon awakening what the day will hold, stop!  Breathe! And go mindless for a few minutes.  You get to decide what the day will hold…it will energize you, especially if you see how blessed you are.  It is that simple.  It can turn around anything that may be bothering you…if only for the moment.  But the moment is all you need to turn any situation to what you want it to be…it is all in your imagination…the good, the bad, the ugly, the scary, the impossible. 

Dean Koontz’ book ASHLEY BELL left an impression on me on what the imagination can create…it is a good read, and it is a good example of storytelling to ourselves…In this moment, I am…embarking on a beautiful day!  It is all up to us to think what we want to realize.


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