It Begins Again…Another Monday…

Monday Morning Easy

Mondays should be easy…  They should be the example for every other day of the week.  This is especially true today as I begin a week that really was set off in the right way by reading 400 pages of a dean Koontz novel, “Ashley Bell”, in one day.  Easy reading, challenging content by page 400–typical Dean Koontz book.   I have another almost 200 pages to go, and I consciously put the book aside at midnight to finish it tonight.  Compulsions are disappearing.   But I have not read fiction in a very long time.  It had become a frivolous challenge when I should be working on my business!  Like so many things lately, I have made this a goal, and I am meeting it and loving it.  I am in my third regular week of working out 3-4 days a week.  I am making it a slow, steady pattern; and today I hit my target heart rate and literally broke a sweat within the first 10 minutes.  Then to get to the right place with the heart rate and continue the workout.  For years, I was not a person who perspired that much…I am much healthier today.  Sugar, chips, chocolate are gone “again” but this time it is all of it and it has been 4 weeks.  No dairy, minimal amount of meat, more safe fish, and I am seeing the weight slowly but surely come off.  All of this takes focus; it also takes money for the workout facility, for the organic food, and for healthy fish.  

It has been 4 years now since I started my business; and money was a major concern during that time.  Cash flow is up and down still, but my thinking has changed.  I know the Universe will take care of me because I have a mission to accomplish.  Money is my business, has been since 1993 or so in banking, financial planning, and now coaching and networking organizations.  I can honestly say today that the future is so bright than I do need sunglasses.  Money affects all of us in all parts of our lives.  Decisions we make affect our money, and money affects our decisions.

I am proof that even with a vast financial education money can be a challenge.  It is because of the choices I have made; but I made them with full knowledge of the consequences.  And it is working.  It is not easy to make those decisions.  But, fast forward to an easy Monday, and I have no regrets.  Sleeping well, eating well, working out well, and working well.  

And the thought occurred to me as I walked to my car after my workout that my next lesson is to learn to be content where I am at every moment no matter what exciting challenges appear.  It is just possible that my work with Empower Excellence is exactly what I am meant to do…Money is not the deciding factor!




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