Energy is Regenerative…

Positive Energy 4 3

Energy can be recreated and recreated over and over again…It is a simple process.  Begin with thinking in a positive way.  It is very simplistic to think this way; and yet it is the hardest thing to do when you are in a negative frame of mind.  When things are not going the way you wish, turning that around can seem insurmountable.  It is going back to living in the “Now”.  Can you, just for the moment, think of one positive thing in your life.  Let it bring a smile to your face.  Let your eyes see the beauty of one small thing.  The chemistry begins to change in the one small moment.  Moment by moment, the change begins: negative begins to become a little positive. If you cherish that moment, you have taken the next step.  Positive energy can regenerate itself.   Negative energy can regenerate itself.  Which will you choose?

Money is one of the most negative parts of many people’s lives.  This moment by moment process works well with money; and then one day you realize you are not thinking of money in a negative way.  You learn that the Universe will provide when you do the work, no matter how little, no matter how trivial.  And then a further day when you realize you have to consciously think about money; it does not invade your life any more.  And life does go on…  What will you choose for your money life?

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