Everyone Can be Beautiful…

Butterfly Bejeweled in Blue

It is quite obvious that the pictured bejeweled butterfly has had some help becoming as beautiful as she is.  It is like the commercial for the Maya and Marty television show, silly to the point of nonsensical, where Maya Rudolph contemplates edible diamonds.  Everyone knows that diamonds have no nutritional value, they are beautiful and valued.  Just like this beautiful blue butterfly has been cosmeticized by humans.  But we still enjoy the beauty of the butterfly and the humor of Maya Rudolph’s diamonds.  We know they are not real, but we enjoy them anyway.  And everyone can be beautiful in their own way.  It does not have to make sense, it just has to be enjoyed.  Find your butterfly or your diamond today and enjoy its beauty and the beauty it brings to your life.  No matter how little or how much it costs in money, time, or laughter.




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