Healing your money, healing the Earth?

Butterfly Bejeweled in Blue

There are so many thoughts about energy; but there are also some very basic energies in our personal lives, including love and fear.  In our personal money lives, if there is fear and worry about money, it takes away love in many parts of our lives.  But, if love is present in our money lives, it spreads the love to other parts of our lives.  It is so basic but it is so prevalent that fear rules money in our lives.  There may not be enough or there may be the presumption that there is never enough money in our lives.  And it keeps us from energizing the rest of our lives because the fear is the cloud hanging over our heads in every day life.  And, sooner or later, the issues around money, and its negative energy caused by fear, are pushed to our personal surfaces.  But think about this:  if there are many people with negative energy or fear around money, sooner or later, the fear spreads throughout a family, throughout a community, and more.  The energies of the Earth today are feeling this; and, eventually, the fear is a prevailing energy.  It will have to be healed.  Sometimes fear is only overcome when it is forced to the surface–of a person or the Earth–and then it has to be healed to survive.




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