sharing the power through sharing the energy

Positive Me

It is Sunday; yesterday’s

play day was an inexpensive day in Oberlin with the Green Energy Tour, the library, the farmers’ market, and a lecture on food science.  Good people, good energy.  It is amazing that in life in all areas we do attract the energy that we give off.  I left home for the 45 minute drive to Oberlin right after 8 a.m.  Got home close to 7 p.m., but I was high energy because this was a day that was just for me.  And everyone I met was a good person to talk with if only for the day.  I was spreading good vibes about Oberlin to people form Akron, Lyndhurst, Elyria, and elsewhere.  I love Oberlin, so it is easy for me to give off a good vibe and to receive good vibes in return.  Not once did I bring out a business card even though I came home with 3; it was a play day and I have to learn how to do “no business” day; I did it!  And I had fun with the only cost being the gas to drive there and a small amount of food during the day.  There have been times, because of money, that I would not “waste” the gas, spend money for “food out”; but it finds its way back in.  This came after a major unexpected expense on Friday.  But faith gets me through, and faith will continue to carry me.  I think positively in all parts of my life, money included, and make cuts where I must, but I enjoy my life; I enjoy my business; and I enjoy new things that make me grow as a person.   It is what I coach folks on, and it is what I have needed most in my life these last 4 years.  If you need faith, especially in regard to money, learn to enjoy your life while finding your Source of faith.  The vibes are great!



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