The Universe and Money…That is Energy!

The Universe Once You Decide

Conspire all you want to make millions of dollars, but, if the Universe is not communicating with you and you with it, it will never happen.  Energy makes up everything, and everything is made of energy.  The early presentations of Deepka Chopra introduced me to quantum physics and energy and how it is related to money.  Each of us is totally energy, everything is made of energy.  Money does not give you energy; you give energy to the money in your life.  

So all of our recent talk about physical energy, spiritual energy, and mental energy boils down to this:  get your energy straight, and the Universe will be your partner in creating whatever you want once you know what you want and once you really want it bad enough.  It is that simple.  And in the coming days we will talk more about money energy…because “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”  So decide what it is that you want bad enough that you are no longer afraid to get it!


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