Feeding My Soul More Than My Body…

Bridge in the Woods

Today is the last day of May!  It is the end, and it is the beginning, in many ways.  Tomorrow, June 1, begins a new journey for me…the personal melding with the professional business of kindness not only to others but also to me.  The professional, Empower Excellence, is more focused than ever.  One-to-one coaching will be the number one priority for many reasons.  But the coaching will be less stressful as we begin virtual coaching sessions with all new clients.  Existing clients will transition to virtual coaching over the coming months.  This has been thought through for a month, and it makes all kinds of sense for a coaching client with money concerns to remain in their home or place of choice with no expectations of weather, travel, or time concerns; they can be who they are where they are.  The focus areas remain “transitions”,  for all transitions do have a financial component.  

Another component of Empower Excellence will be welcomed back…the group programs for individuals, which will be offered by graduates of the Empower Excellence Money Energy program.  At this point, there are two individuals working towards completion.   Graduates will be offered the right to license these programs.   Later this year, the details will be shared as the programs begin rolling out.  This is exciting for, once again, with kindness in mind, some men and women prefer a short course rather than coaching on a specific money concern.  

Professional Women’s Connection, a program of Empower Excellence, is now a regional women’s networking organization, welcoming men as well, with locations in Western Cuyahoga County, Eastern Cuyahoga County/Lake County, and Lorain County.  Over 100 members participate in the group of their choice with the true focus of growing their businesses.  Friendship is organic as business relationships develop monthly and more!  Licensing opportunities for Lorain County are currently being explored with other locations under consideration.

These are major changes over the last several years, and the foundation has been set on all counts.  This is the professional side as it exists today moving into June.  This is only one part of my life as I explore the ways that need to be explored to feed my soul.  Kindness reigns throughout both the professional and personal.  And June 1 starts on a very personal note:  the 30th Anniversary of Leadership Lake County.  I was a part of the movement to create the leadership program in Lake County, and I am still an alumni member.  Leadership in my community has been a very strong part of my life over the years.  Now, tomorrow is the beginning of a new outlook on life:  blending everything together.  There have been catalysts including the arrival of two grandchildren.  They are a major adjustment, but they are already growing and changing as is my involvement in their lives.  It is no longer a major adjustment for I am but one part of a large family loving them; and that is as it should be.  While they were a major consideration for my decision not to move to Oberlin, a long time goal because of the sense of total community, they are now a part of that decision, and I am moving to Oberlin in 2017 and have started plans moving in that direction.  My soul has had mentoring from Lorain County over the years, and the time is now to feed my soul with an intellectual, healthy lifestyle, that Oberlin offers.  It is a community rather than a suburb.  

Stress has been reduced over the last year, and I am making decisions based on passion.  My meditation and workout patterns are becoming re-established.  I am minding the mind-body-spirit connection; that is where the passion for kindness is rooted.  And service to others will remain a top priority through both my professional and personal lives.  I am reading again; that stopped because it was not a priority unless it was focused on starting up Empower Excellence.  But the balance is returning.  I know because I truly do know me that this is a time of transition for me, and it will become a little crazier in bits and pieces–I handle “crazy” well.  

And I know “change” is gonna come sooner rather than later.  It always does.  But I am more ready than I have ever been.  I would like to share a brief story that shows how much my life is changing.  A number of years ago I began a funeral plan that was put on hold as the finances of building a business took priority.  It is time to revisit that plan.  This weekend, I caught up on some reading including a publication I received from the Western Reserve Land Conservancy on land protection in Northern Ohio.  Included in that was an article on FoxField Preserve which is not only a land preserve but also a green burial ground.  Initially, after being cremated, it was my plan to have my asked spread on Lake Erie.  But this was a better alternative especially seeing how my concern for safe drinking water has grown as I have become more and more educated.  I am now talking with professionals in the funeral field to see if this would be a kinder, gentler way to leave this Earth sometime after my 104th birthday.  I have a long time to grow more, care more, and learn how to become kinder in the coming years; but today is the start of all my tomorrows while living in the moment now.




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