Loyalty is the Word for the Day…

american-flag-small free jpeg

Putting aside any and all political discussion for this one day, Memorial Day, there is only one word for me…”loyalty”.

Loyalty to my faith, loyalty to my country, loyalty to my family is a foundation that is not only personal but communal to the largest imagining.  One by one immigrants came to this country, greeted by the native Americans already here, mixing and blending in every respect.  Values being shared by all making this truly a melting pot.  Freedom in many forms was the reason folks came from every other country.  Oppression moved them forward, and it still moves them forward to come to the United States today.  It is because of the love of freedom and the resulting loyalty that many “fight” for this country in many ways.  It is for the same reasons that many face the reality that they may give their lives in the end for these values.  And they have over the years…

All in the name of loyalty…What this country was founded on is still valuable today.  Too many have forgotten the basic values.  Too many today listen to the loudest voice because too many leaders have forgotten their values, or misconstrued them.  The Fourth of July is a few short weeks away…maybe it is time to read the Declaration of Independence before then, for shortly after the Fourth of July, the values of the American people may be so totally rearranged and misconstrued that they will be put on the track of “no return”.    Loyalty to the wrong values is not what I long for, do you?





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