Going Back to Ghandi…By Way of Oberlin, Ohio!

Ghandi Be the change

There are signs, signs all over the place, and all we have to do is to “see” them.  The signs can be mental, emotional, visual, physical, and more.  The dimension in which we experience signs is very personal and can change from moment to moment much less day to day and lifetime to lifetime.  No matter the dimension, it is “being”, an awareness that only comes through taking the time to stop, breathe, and be quiet internally and externally.  It is finding the time and presence of mind to “be” with ourselves first.  The first step is to “stop”.  Stop doing things that do not matter; start doing nothing to find who you are.  It is within you.  It is interesting that when we find who we are, and it changes every moment of every day, we can then find what is important to us and what is not resonating within us.  It becomes imperative that we listen once we learn how to listen within.  That haunting voice in our head, in our heart, in our soul, does not sleep until we listen; and, when we do listen we find what does not resonate for us.  That is when the voice of change becomes very active…what bothers us so much that we need to find a way to change it personally at first but then globally…yes, it does happen that way.  My desire to find “community”, not neighbors, but “community”–people who think and behave in a way similar to me, where I can be myself all of the time–led me to Oberlin many years ago, but I was not ready.  I found myself coming back to Oberlin in many ways because of their political liberalism (and, historically, it was not always “liberal”), because of their belief in energy practices, because of their belief in producing food that is local, healthy, and plentiful, because all are accepted (and, yes, there is diversity, but it is not totally accepted), and because it is a town that “cares” not only on Sundays in their churches, but every day in every way I have seen.  I want to be a part of “change”; I have “changed” and continue to “change” me on my road to being 104+, and I have been a part of massive change in ways that make communities better–housing, leadership, government, food, and more; but I still have more to do.  And now, I look to Ghandi, peaceful and quiet world leader, for the inspiration to “be the change…”  I have only just begun.  When it is your time, you, too, can “be the change…”




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