Talk about me , talk about you!

Meeting the Self

The last week was askew because of a new choice on my life path, but that has been put to rest for the time being–I have done all that I can do for now in regard to that decision.  It is part of my transformation and evolution.

This week has been interesting, all weeks, days, and moments are interesting to me as I live in the “Now”.  But there was a common thread on Tuesday and Wednesday, yesterday.  I intentionally set an appointment to really get to know two of my networkers of Professional Women’s Connection.  They are in different groups, they do not know each other.  They are in totally different industries.  One already had the light in her eyes glowing, and the second had the light when I first met her, but now it has dimmed considerably.  One is in a long-term relationship, and one is out of one relationship and in another.  Both are raising children.  I wanted to get to know one better, and I wanted to see how I could help both of them develop their businesses.

What happened was surprising.  It was as if the Universe said “Boy, are we going to surprise you in these meetings!”  And it did.  “Meeting the self” occurring in someone across the table from me always brings transformation in me.  I never know what it will be, but it always happens, and it can be good or bad.  The light in both of their eyes in a short hour meeting went from “on” to “brilliant”!  That was good.  In the beginning moments of both meetings, I was able to discern what I could help them with–that became the topic of conversation, and I listened first before ever even offering any help.  But, it was me at the end of the meetings that gained the most from helping them in ways that were not planned, were not canned, but they were crafted to their individual needs within a short period of time.  I am grateful for what I am all about; it took a life of learning and working to craft me into who I am today.  I am more conscious today than ever, which makes sense.  When I offer my story, in relation to their stories, I am alive, and the party I am meeting with takes what they can relate to and sees what they can craft in their story.  It awakens them to their true selves, and the transformation occurs, consciously or unconsciously, in all of us.  In simple terms, this is what networking can do when the parties truly look for a way to “give” before they “get”.  Think about it.


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