How Can One Word Totally Turn My Head Into Mush?

Leadr from DOreen Virtue May 19 2016

This word “leader” is nothing new in my vocabulary.  I have heard it for years.  I have practiced leadership for years.  I am an oldest child from a dysfunctional family, so I learned to be self-determining and attentive from a very early age.  It has served me well; it has alienated me from those who should be closest to me.  But, last night, I meditated asking for a sign that what I am about to undertake was wise or not wise.  I have been known to say lately that I have to be careful for what I ask the Universe, my God, for.  I have also for many years, but more so lately, put the question out to the Universe through questions with many who cross my path at the appropriate time, what is it that keeps pulling me back to Oberlin and Lorain County.  And then, yesterday, someone from some past work in Oberlin came back into my life for a brief conversation and made an observation that I knew about but had ignored.  And it did not simply pass with the minutes and the hours of the day.  I began my usual “checking it out”, and I went to sleep waiting for a sign of some sort to continue with my silent pursuit.  This card was in Doreen Virtue’s message overnight.  The message was strong, and, once again, my mind is in good turmoil; but it is already going to work to clear a path for me to move further in this pursuit.  The irony is that my path to professional leadership was formulated through three mentors from Lorain County, and now that path continues as I begin to plan the move to Oberlin, and….


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