When Expiration Dates are Good!

Butterfly Wings are Ready

Sitting on my desk this Sunday afternoon is a yellow fly swatter in the shape of a butterfly!  It is almost an oxymoron…why would I buy a yellow fly swatter in the shape of a butterfly to give to clients?  I think the intention was good, but the entrepreneur who thought it would be a good idea in white with my logo on it, probably should learn more about the intention of my business…Empower Excellence.  Oxymoron?  Yes.  My purpose is to empower folks; the butterfly is a symbol of transformation.  It is not a symbol of death:  you look for a fly swatter to kill something that is bothering you, like a fly.  that is death, that is not transformation!  Cannot do this!

I know my wings are ready:  I have them.  I know the wings of Empower Excellence are “ready” to take flight in a really big way!  My clients, once they have worked with me, take flight!  Caterpillars are necessary; they become butterflies in their transformation.  They take flight; they do not worry that, when they take their flying leap of faith that they will plummet; they know instinctively that they will soar.  That is faith, my friend!

Join us in our flight..know that your wings are ready to live through flying…It is a beautiful thing!





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